Welcome to Teacher Gary's Online Class.


Welcome to Teacher Gary's Online Class. This course was made

to assist you in learning English and help you to better understand

what is going on in the classes.This is here for you to study on

your own time when you have access to the Internet.

Going through the lessons will improve your grades and

help you understand your teacher. Those students who do the exercises

on every lesson do better in the class.



These links are for students who need other locations to improve their English.

  1. Go to the Link page

  2. Choose the area you want to work on

  3. Choose a link that is good for you

  4. Work on and review the site.


These links were provided by the ELT RSAF Program at Sheppard Air Force Base Texas

Course layout

  • Look at the lessons and do the exercises. This should help you in the classroom and make you a better student.

  • Keep your exercises and information pages in a folder on your computer or flash memory.

  • Above all- THINK, THINK and THINK AGAIN.

English Baby Lessons

Practice for TOEFL with English, baby!

Environmental Series

Every week at the end of the lesson there is a video on the Environment and how we can help to protect it. Watch the videos and THINK.