Week Eight



The Grasshopper Part 1

Read the story and answer the questions

What is a Phrasal Verb?

A phrasal verb is either:

* a verb and a preposition

* a verb and an adverb

* a verb, an adverb, and a preposition

Phrasal verbs are often used in informal speech, between family and/or friends. They are used very commonly in the English language.

The best thing to do is to memorize them. It isn't necessary to know all of the phrasal verbs to be able to have a conversation. You can use other verbs to communicate the same information. Although, it is important to at least commit them to memory so that when you hear them, you will understand what the person is saying.


Learn English with Steve-Peppy 26-Run Phrasal Verbs

Watch the video and read the subtitles.



Watch the video to give you a good idea of how the words work.

Grammarman Comics #3

Sammy Colon, The Punctuation Villain

Go to Grammarman website to find the answers.

General Verb Tense Quiz

Quiz #8Then Click show all questions.



Negative Questions.

Example: Don't you have to go to work today?

Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. There are several pages for a total of 24 questions.

Pizza Delivery

Listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Week 8-Why is Rain Good??

Go to the Talk Group and make a recording and listen to other student recordings.


Intonation- Part 1

Watch the video and practice your intonation

TOEFL Reading Section Advice


TOEFL Podcast #22

Culture and Music

Macedonia Music and Images


Food Chains