Week Ten


Reading Exercise #2 (Click)

You have 10 Minutes to read the passage and complete the Multiple choice Questions.

Reading Exercise about Marriage. (Click)

Read the story at the bottom and then answer the True/False questions.

It's difficult reading but you can do it.

Peppy 28- The Funny Honeymoon

Watch the video and read the subtitles.


How To Make Tea.

Watch the video below and then write a paper on "How to Make Tea." don't forget on the things you need to make the tea.

Show the paper to your teacher and get your teacher to correct your work.


Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Exercise for

  1. Present Simple-Present Continuous

  2. Present Simple

There are a lot of ads so look for the exercise box (purple). There are seven pages.

Grammarman Comics #5

The Interrupter

Go to Grammarman website to find the answers.

General Verb Tense Quiz

Quiz #10 Then Click show all questions.



Sounds English

Choose your level (about 2 inches from the top) and listen to the recordings and then do the exercises.


Week 10-Why is Education Important?

Go to the Talk Group and make a recording and listen to other student recordings.

Pow Pow English (What's your favorite food)"

Very funny video.


The American 'R' sound


TOEFL Structure & Skills


TOEFL Podcast #20

Culture and Music

Rwanda Music and Images


Planet Carbon