Week Eleven


Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Click)

Reading Exercise #3 (Click)

You have 10 Minutes to read the passage and complete the Multiple choice Questions


Future Tenses (Going to & Will) Watch the video.

Future Tenses-

Listen to the song and pick out the FutureTenses.

Grammar Exercises

Future with Will and Going To

Grammarman Comics #6

The Article Eaters

Go to Grammarman website to find the answers.

General Verb Tense Quiz

Quiz #11 Then Click show all questions.



Sounds English

Choose your level (about 2 inches from the top) and listen to the recordings and then do the exercises.

Using Your Mobile

Vocabulary and phrases related to the Mobile and phone calls.

Watch the video and read the words.


Week 11-What are the qualities of a Friend?

Go to the Talk Group and make a recording and listen to other student recordings.

Pow Pow English-"What would you like to drink?"

Very funny video on teaching English through Videos.


Listening: Watch TV to improve your score


TOEFL Podcast #19

Culture and Music

Bahamas Music and Images


This Bulb

What is the problem with the bulb when you have to throw it away?